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During your Free 30 minute Financial Wellness Call, we will talk about your goals and how I can help you reach them! We will discuss how I can best serve you and see if we are a good fit for each other. 

Free Financial Wellness Call

free 30 minute session

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(Payment Plan of $250 per month is available)

investment: $750

Frustrated with lack of clarity around budgeting and finances

Looking for structure and accountability around their finances

Wanting to learn how to budget and have a plan for their money

Wanting to save for future expenses and emergencies and more

perfect for women who are...

A coaching program for those who want to master their finances, get results with accountability and organization. Together, we will build a stong foundation by focusing on behavior and mindset. This program will give you guidance along with the tools and knowledge you need to feel good about the way you handle your money.

3 Month Master Your Finances Program

start with a free call

Set other financial goals

Continue to build skills around savings and planning for those future expenses

Needs more time to get a handle on their finances

This is for clients who have money mastery skills and is ready to: 

A coaching program for those who need to master their finances and need a little longer to ge a handle on their money management skills. Also for those that need more time to set goals and work towards their goals with more accountability and guidance. 

6 Month Money Mastery & Beyond Program

(Payment Plan of $250 per month is available)

investment: $1,500

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As your financial coach, I will have your best interest at heart. It is my pleasure to get to know you, be your guide, and cheer you on as you learn and grow!

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If we decide to work together, the next step is to choose your experience! I currently offer 3 or 6 month coaching packages.

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Book a free discovery call with me. We will talk about how I can help you and see if we are a good fit for each other. 

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