Hello Beautiful Friends!  Season 1 Episode 8 I hope you are having a great week and a great start to the weekend! It has been raining where I live. It has rained all week and Friday the sun came out! What a beautiful sight! My flowers  and my garden needed the rain. I have gone […]


May 23, 2020

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Hello Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to tackle the week ahead. I had a good weekend but it was a weekend of rest. For some reason I didn’t feel well this weekend and I finally gave up fighting and rested. That’s why this podcast episode is coming to you […]


May 18, 2020

Not All Storms Come To Disrupt Your Life. Some Come To Clear The Path

colorful umbrella

Hello Friends!  I hope you have your coffee or beverage of choice. If not, pause this video, grab a cup of something good and let’s talk.  I don’t watch a lot of tv. I mainly watch The Voice, The Masked Singer and a little American Idol. I enjoy watching shows like Dancing With The Stars […]


May 9, 2020

When It’s Not Your Turn- Don’t Quit

coffee mug

Hello Friends! Season 1 Episode 5 Grab your coffee and let’s chat. If you don’t have your coffee or tea, pause this episode and make your cup of goodness then come back and sit down for a while. Before we get started. I would appreciate it so much if you would subscribe to my podcast […]


May 2, 2020

Money and Happiness

Well Hello There Friends! Season 1 Episode 4 I hope you all had a great week! I had a really good week. I started my garden! It is a lot of work and I am sore! All that bending and reaching and lifting heavy bags of soil. LOL. I think it’s good for me. But […]


April 25, 2020

Life Too Noisy? Take Time To Focus

Well Hello There! I hope you all are doing well. Guess what?! I have some good news!! You can now find me on Apple Podcasts!!! I got approved this week! I’m so happy and so proud. If you listen with your iphone, or you use Apple Podcasts, please be sure to search for Happy Life […]


April 18, 2020

Self Care Saturday – Take Some Time For You

Happy Saturday Everyone! I woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday. I was thinking about all the people that are out of work right now, my family, my friends and the people that are on the front lines such as our healthcare workers, our grocery store workers,. And I was thinking, these are tough times […]


April 11, 2020

Encouragement and Creative Ideas During This Challenging Time

Season 1 Episode 1 Welcome to Episode 1 of Happy Life with Angela Monica! I am so excited about this podcast. My time to share information, positivity and creative ideas with you all. I wanted to start this podcast because I tried blogging for about three years and I didn’t enjoy writing as much as […]


April 9, 2020

Just Start!

starting line on road

How to make your very own succulent arrangement!


November 20, 2019

How to Plant a Succulent Arrangement

I went to Phoenix, Arizona for an AADOM Conference and had a fantastic time!


November 20, 2019

My Arizona Trip

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